Socio-Economic Planning Program

The Socio-Economic Planning Program is the service delivery unit within the Bureau that has the flexibility to appraise, coordinate, prepare and assist in the development of a wide range of plans, policies and studies that further economic, social and infrastructure goals, priorities and planning activities.  In this capacity, the Program provides direct planning support for the criminal justice system, economic development, and fisheries development. The Program also evaluates applications for federal grants for Intergovernmental Review for the Guam State Clearinghouse to ensure that they are consistent with Guam’s laws and policies and also oversees the development of the Citizen Centric Report in compliance with Public Law 30-127 in reporting the Bureau’s program and fiscal management information. Further, the Program also provides technical support in the development of Guam’s Marine Conservation Plan and the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

Major Objective(s):

  1. Coordinate and provide direct planning support to Guam’s criminal justice system and coral reef initiatives by preparing a strategic plan, the monitoring of the strategy’s implementation; and assessing the effectiveness of the strategy to meet goals.
  2. Administer U.S. Department of Justice and National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration federal grant programs. Ensure federal funds are expended in a manner that adheres to local and federal laws and regulations.
  3. Coordinate and provide direct planning support and technical assistance for economic and fisheries development planning.
  4. Coordinate federal programs to ensure Guam’s priorities and policies are met, while ensuring they are consistent with federal directives.
  5. Ensure the Governor is advised during the formulation of policies and advise the Governor on the interrelationships among plans, policies and programs.

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