Information Transfer and Outreach Program

Information Transfer and Outreach Program

GCMP’s goal is to enhance community knowledge in the protection and conservation of Guam’s natural resources through various events. The GCMP coordinates and participates in a variety of outreach and education activities, such as the International Coastal Cleanup, the Kika Clearwater Summer Camp, Guardians of the Reef, watershed hikes, nature walks, tree plantings, school presentations, service learning, and other environmental stewardship activities. These programs are aimed at raising awareness of the importance of Guam’s coastal resources, the various threats to the health of these resources, and actively engage the community in activities that reduce these threats and directly improve the health and beauty of Guam’s landscape from ridge to reef.


The Environment, Communities, and Economy: Realizing a Framework for Working Together to Plan our Future

Planning the Village of Tomorrow

Nov 30, 2017

Guam Coastal Management hosted its second Assembly of Planners on the 30th of November. The mission of the assembly is to address the many challenges governmental departments face while balancing land use, resource protection, and governmental cooperation.  It is the hope of Guam Coastal Management that by hosting the Assembly of Planners, the participants would leave with a better understanding of smart development, enhanced cooperation techniques, and an overall improved understanding of partnering agencies’ edicts and missions. 159 people from a variety of agencies and businesses attended this event that lasted from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. If you are interested in seeing the information that was discussed during the assembly you can find both the program and the PowerPoints via the links below.

March 8, 2016

Plenary Session I

Plenary Session II

Lunch Presentation on GCMP

Plenary Session III

Plenary Session IV

Plenary Session V



Kika Clearwater's Summer Camp


Kika camp is a summer program sponsored by the Guam Coastal Management Program that provides students from the 3rd to 7th grade with a ridge to reef experience. GCMP hosts twenty five children each in three separate sessions. The goal of this camp is to foster environmental awareness and stewardship within the youth of our communities in the hopes of building a better future.

During the camp we tour a variety of sites throughout the island.  Participants will learn about aquifers, invasive species, erosion, marine protected areas, and much more. The culmination of the week of summer camp ends with a tour of Guam’s bird sanctuary found on Cocos Island.

Registration will open sometime in the summer. Spots go quickly so be sure to keep a close eye on our website for announcements on the opening of registration. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 475-9673 or at

6th Annual Kika Clearwater Group Photo Session 1
6th Annual Kika Clearwater Group Photo Session 2
6th Annual Kika Clearwater Group Photo Session 3


International Coastal Cleanup was founded by the Ocean Conservancy in 1986. “For the past 30 years, Ocean Conservancy has inspired millions of volunteers, as well as industry players, the world over to take action by removing and recording trash during our International Coastal Cleanup. This event has been one of Ocean Conservancy’s hallmarks, growing from 12 sites along the Texas coast to more than 6,000 sites in more than 100 countries.”(Ocean Conservancy)

Guam first joined in this worldwide effort to prevent pollution on October 14, 1995 with three sites: Ylig Bay, Agat Shore, and Dungca’s Beach and with only 450 volunteers. Guam is now in its 22nd annual cleanup and has grown since 1995, with over 29 sites and over 4,000 volunteers.

Every third Saturday of September, Guam host its largest island cleanup and along with the rest of the World participates in the International Coastal Cleanup sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy. This event is voluntarily led by the Bureau of Statistics and Plans and is a whole island effort with volunteers from federal agencies and local government agencies, private businesses and non-profit organizations, and many individual volunteers.

This year’s GICC is set for Saturday, September 17, 2016. For more information on how you can participate please contact Ms. Brenda Atalig at or 671-475-9647.

Data Results

2015 Trash Summary Site Summary
Peculiar Items
2014 Trash Summary Site Summary
2013 Trash Summary Site Summary
2012 Trash Summary Site Summary
2011 Trash Summary Site Summary
2010 Trash Summary Site Summary
2009 Trash Summary Site Summary

Year-round Cleanups

Toguan Watershed Cleanup, February 7, 2015
Mangilao Cleanup,February 28, 2015
Ypao Cleanup, March 28, 2015
Marine Lab Cleanup, April 23, 2015
Nimitz Beach Cleanup, May 3, 2015

Photo Gallery

2015 Photos 2014 Photos 2014 ICC Poster 2013 ICC Poster 2012 ICC Poster 2011 ICC Poster

This year's GICC is set for Saturday, September 16, 2017. For more information on how you can participate please contact Patrick Keeler at or (671) 475-9673.


Guam Coastal Management’s Man, Land, and Sea newsletter is a biannually released publication where GCMP highlights some of the environmental issues, news, and projects going on around the island of Guam. Man, Land, and Sea has covered a wide range of issues spanning subjects such as coral reef bleaching, fires, invasive species, flooding, and much more. Our previous publications can be found via the links below. Stay tuned for our next release!


Service Learning

Guam Coastal Management is proud to be one of the many partners that help sponsor the service learning for high school students around the island. We are able to provide transportation, technical assistance, as well as tools for a variety of service learning events. If you are a student of teacher who is interested in taking part or even creating a service learning event please contact us at either 475-9673 or

Service Learning Events:


Reforestation Project with Forestry Department


GNA R2R Event


GCMP's ICC Event



Santos Rain Garden Rain Garden Flowchart Rain Garden Installation Guide

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